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»I would rather earn no money than do something I hate« 

Roskilde University's Metier, 2017

22-year-old Marvin Flamme doesn’t have what he himself would call a ”normal life”, and each day he challenges the ideal of a permanent job. A few years ago his interest in creating film bloomed, and since then his passion for visual story-telling has led him around the world.

Photo: Jellis Vaes

Two years ago, Marvin Flamme stood among cliffs and running water with moist feet and a smile on his lips. He had no idea what he was doing, but he enjoyed it.

Shortly before, Marvin and his Belgian friend, Jellis, were offered a job in what Marvin describes as one of the most beautiful countries in the world. They were invited to Iceland to shoot pictures and record video for an Icelandic travel agency. Back then, Marvin didn’t know much about being a freelancer, but he was delighted at how easy it was to get this job.

“It was fun. We had no idea what we were doing, but we had fun!” His words are falling out on the phone but his laugh is coming through clearly.

When the two men were done working with the agency, they went out exploring on their own. They rented a car and drove around among horses, cliffs and rain.

“I don’t think I had any dry socks in the 16 days we were there,” says Marvin. He and Jellis had to sleep in the tiny car most nights because they couldn’t afford to pay for accommodation. They had no idea what they were doing or what to spend their time on, but they drove around with no regrets and enjoyed the landscape.

“We learned a lot,” says Marvin about the experience, which in many ways reflects the way he’s living today. No matter where he is he always makes sure to notice and really take in his surroundings. To him it is important to always learn new things about, and despite some of the hardships on the trip, it was like pouring fire on his inner travel flame. Since then he has graduated from the international film school, MetFilm School Berlin, and is now traveling the world as a freelancer.

Marvin and his friend Jellis were driving around Iceland to experience the country’s beautiful nature. Since then, Marvin has travelled around the world trying to get more freelance-jobs. 

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